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Permit Application System (PAS)
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The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has developed a new Permit Application System (PAS) which allows customers to apply for and pay for permits online. PAS has enhanced features such as GIS Routing and Account Profiles. PAS also allows customers to self-issue most trip permits up to 12 feet wide, 14'-6" high, 120' long and 112,000 pounds. Annual (Blanket) permits are still sent by U.S. Mail only. Customers are not required to utilize PAS to obtain a permit however, FDOT does encourage its use for streamlined permit processing. Please contact the Permit Office at (850) 410-5777 with any questions.

PAS-ISA User Demo Please view the PAS-ISA User Demo to assist with the use of the new system.

*New* PAS System Enhancements
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Effective 6/30/14, the following PAS enhancements will be available to the public...

* Ability to enter a manual route without utilizing GIS routing

* Ability to enter waypoints and generate an "unvalidated route" (this will allow the user to draw the route line without analyzing the route)

* Ability to view special roadway restrictions (available July 7, 2014) Note: The PAS application DOES NOT validate routes for height, length and /or width

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Make checks payable to: BRANDT OWOD

Road Use Permit Office (Important Documents)
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  • Apply for Escrow Account
  • Instructions to complete the divisible load permit application
  • Regulations and Fees (Chapter 14-26)
  • CRN-1 (January 2015)
  • CRN-2 (January 2015)
  • CRN-3 (January 2015)
  • TTT-1 (January 2015)
  • TTT-2 (January 2015)
  • TTT-3 (January 2015)
  • Turnpike Tandem Extension Letter (2013-10-17)
  • Movement Conditions and Restrictions List (January 2015)
  • Holiday Movement Restrictions 2015
  • Sealed Containers
  • Axle Spacings & Weights Enforcement
  • Wreckers Towing Disabled Vehicles
  • Do I need a Permit? (Trucking Manual - Scroll to bottom of page)
  • If you have any time sensitive questions or comments (For example: Checking Permit Status), please contact the State Permits Office at (850) 410-5777. General questions or comments can be submitted by clicking here.

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