The Florida Department of Transportation Road Use Permit Office (Permit Office) is responsible for the issuance of oversize/overweight permits on the State Highway System. The following web pages were designed solely for the purpose of submitting and modifying an oversize/overweight permit application.

This message serves as notice to applicants that:

  1. Florida is not a port of entry state. All permits and operating credentials must be obtained prior to entering Florida.
  2. The Permit Office does not determine needs for additional operating credentials such as registrations, IFTA, IRP (apportioned tags), DOT numbers, etc.
  3. Customers are responsible for contacting the appropriate agency to obtain all of the operating credentials required in order to legally operate a commercial motor vehicle in the State of Florida. Customers may visit the following website for additional information:
Acceptance of this notice constitutes the applicant’s understanding of and compliance with the requirements for operating commercial motor vehicles in the State of Florida.